Fans, family and friends celebrate Jenni Rivera at her memorial service


Jenni Rivera’s fans, friends, and family bid farewell to La Diva de la Banda today from the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in a memorial service led by her brother, Rev. Pedro Rivera Jr.

The ceremony was not open to the press, only fans with tickets were able to attend, although a livestream was made available by several media outlets. Tickets, which were $1, appear to have sold out within the hour after they were made available on Tuesday. Even fans who didn’t get tickets found a place outside the theater to honor their idol, like Lisseth De Paz, 13, who watched the ceremony from a giant screen and held a Jenni Rivera poster and a white rose. “I love her,” she said. “I grew up listening to her music. My mom introduced me. I’ll always remember who she was and how she turned her stories into songs.”

Xochitl Rosas, 36, also had to watch from the outside. “I liked her trajectory, her life was meaningful to me,” she said. “Her songs gave me strength. She overcame domestic violence. It didn’t hold her back. She pushed forward. That helped me as a single mom to help my children and have them excel at anything.”

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Regional Mexican star Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash


Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transports, confirmed on Sunday night that the remains of the private jet carrying Jenni Rivera have been found, with no survivors. Rivera, 43, was one of seven passengers.

Rivera’s father, Pedro, confirmed the news of his daughter’s passing to reporters stationed outside of his home in Lakewood, Calif., where several family members were gathered, including Rivera’s mother Rosa and her eldest daughter Chiquis, who has still not made any statements. Rivera’s father reportedly received the news via telephone from his son, singer Lupillo Rivera, who was in Mexico at the time of the jet’s disappearance. “This is the first tragedy of this kind that we suffer as a family,” Rivera’s father told reporters on Sunday evening. “I hope people remember her as she was – someone who was straight with the world.”

Celebrity reactions on Twitter have poured in since news of the disappearance of Rivera’s jet, including Paulina Rubio (who was set to co-host the Mexican edition of The Voice with Rivera) William LevyJoan SebastianRicky Martin, and others.

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The Univision Shoe Diaries: Maria Elena Salinas


It’s no secret around the Univision offices that we have some shoe-a-holics in our midst. Our leading ladies confess to having a love affair with their shoes, but trust — this isn’t just a superficial addiction. In our new web series, “The Univision Shoe Diaries,” we’ll be talking to some of the most recognizable faces from the network (Maria Elena Salinas, Chiqui Delgado, Teresa Rodriguez, to name a few) individually to hear the stories behind their most cherished footwear.

Their stories will surprise you.

Let’s start with Maria Elena Salinas, co-anchor of Noticiero Univision and news magazine Aqui y Ahora, and a confessed shoe addict. On any given day, the click-clack of her fabulous heels can be heard in the halls of Univision’s Miami headquarters. But today, she wants to tell the story behind a far-from-glamorous pair.

More modest than many of the shoes in her closet (and trust us, she has some hot heels), these shoes serve Salinas as an important reminder. “I got to go home to my daughters and go into my air conditioned house, but so many people in Haiti didn’t,” she said. “So many kids never got to see their parents again and so many parents never got to be with their kids.”

“I rarely wear them, because they do have a special significance for me,” she added.

Aspiring journalists: take notes! This is how you win an Emmy.

Of course, Maria Elena also has lots of beautiful shoes in her closet (check out her shoe gallery on Fusion, where this story was originally posted). When you work as hard as she does, you should treat yourself once in a while.