Meet The Hermanas Project Podcast!


Y’all know I love a good podcast, so it was only a matter of time until I created my very own one. Meet my new passion project, The Hermanas Project, a sisterhood of extraordinary women of color and allies. 

The idea for The Hermanas Project, or THP for short, is to become a platform for those whose voices and contributions are so often marginalized — women of color — with the goal of empowering each other and younger generations to live out our dreams. 

In the early stages of the project one word kept coming to me: “hermanas” (the Spanish word for sisters). And so it became clear: the Project would shine a light on extraordinary women of color and allies from every industry and bring us together through honest and meaningful conversations. 

In each new episode of THP, available on Apple and Spotify, I’ll be sharing inspiring stories of creativity and courage from these amazing women. Season 1 of the podcast is out now. 

Welcome to the sisterhood. We’re just getting started!


Thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

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