Watch: Romeo and Usher talk about their magic formula

I caught up with Ursh and bachata king Romeo Santos on the green carpet at the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards to talk about their chemistry, their plans to collaborate in the future, and whether or not Romeo is leaving us for Hollywood, now that he’s set to star in his very own comedy series for ABC.


Exclusive: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez on what their marriage was like


In what turned out to be one of the last interviews Marc Anthony and J.Lo gave as a couple, both husband and wife talked candidly with me about their marriage, their kids, and their life in and out of the spotlight.

The interviews, which were conducted separately just a few weeks ago, were for a planned upcoming story in Latina magazine around their many collaborations, including their Kohl’s line.

Here are some highlights from the exclusive interview:

On What It’s Like At Home:

Marc: Nothing floats and there are no lights or fans or smoke.  Jennifer loves to cook, loves family time, loves when we eat together—all of us, the kids, just everybody. The house is awfully loud with the pitter-patter of their feet. It’s very Puerto Rican—salsa playing in the background and kids in the pool. ‘Max, watch out!’ You know, just real normal stuff when we’re home.

Jennifer: I do cook, I do lay out Marc’s clothes, I do pack him when he’s about to go away. I do care, I do do things that are going to make their lives better, easier. I do hold them [Max and Emme] when they’re crying—all those things that you do as a mother and a wife are so much more rewarding than anything else in life. I do get a lot of joy out of that.

A Timeline of Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez’s Love

On Making Time for the Family:

Marc: We could take any job and any responsibility, but the biggest one we have is to our family.  That’s the biggest job of all.

Jennifer: You can have tons of success and all of that is so great and I would never downplay that; I love the fact that I get to do everything that I do; but my biggest joys in life are being able to be a good mom, the moments when I can say, ‘Ah, I was a good mom right there! I did something right for my kids. Or you know what, I’m a good wife.’

On What It Takes to Make a Marriage Work:

Jennifer: I mean it’s about time, it’s about making the time for each other; it’s about being there for each other for the good moments and for the bad moments, you know, it’s just about caring. To say how to care for somebody is a long list, but that’s really what it takes.

Marc and J.Lo’s Kohl’s Line to Hit Stores, Regardless of Split

On Their First Time Working Together:

Marc: My favorite duet is the first one [‘No Me Ames,’ off Lopez’s debut album, On The 6, in 1999] because of the way it was born. We had just met and it was such a hopeful time. There were a lot of things that we hadn’t seen yet in life—not being together, and we sort of dated a little back then and it was just a magical time. That song gave me an excuse to be around her.  And she gets the title of [People’s] ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World.’ I’m like, ‘You think I didn’t know that?’ I mean, I went all in seven years ago. I’m like, ‘Finally, world, you’re just catching up!’

Jennifer: I’ve always been a fan of his music— seeing him work on his music for me was something that I always felt was very sexy. To see where his music came from and when he sang and recorded, kind of those private moments where I felt him to be powerful and confident and easy and not trying— it was just a very sexy thing.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez on Why She and Marc Were “A Good Combination”

On How Being Puerto Rican Helped Their Relationship:

Jennifer: I think it’s definitely something that helps in a relationship when you have a similar upbringing to the person that you’re with and you have a shorthand. You understand the same things, you were brought up in the same ways, you have the same beliefs, and the same things are important to you. There’s just a shorthand that comes with that that makes it easier.  

On How They Made Each Other Better:

Jennifer: We do make each other better. Because we have respect for each other, we’re able to listen to each other’s, I wouldn’t say criticism, but critiques of each other, and take them as a constructive thing, not as something that’s meant to hurt you, and we’re able to grow from that. I can say to him, ‘You know, I think it would be better if, when you’re onstage, you had this back-up singer’ or whatever, and he can listen to me and not say, ‘Well, I don’t think so.’ We really do listen to each other’s opinions knowing that the other person really wants to help you.

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Cameron Diaz’s hot bod secret: ‘I eat every three hours’


Cameron Diaz has been looking amazing lately, so when we caught up with the Cuban actress in Miami we had to ask, how does she do it?

Your car wash scene in Bad Teacher obliterates every other car wash scene in cinematic history and we don’t blame you for flaunting your hot bod.

I didn’t even have time to work out [during the making of this film], I literally was working out 10 minutes a day in my trailer, doing what I call my horizontal workouts, which are not what you think! [Laughs]

Those sound like fun!

Yeah, but in my trailer with my gay trainer it was not like that [Laughs]. I did 10 minutes every day because I didn’t have time for longer workouts. I shot Knight and Day for six months before I started this movie and I only had two weeks off. I was tired. I was like, ‘I should’ve taken a nap before I did this movie.’ Luckily, my character gets to nap a lot. [Laughs] I’m burning so many calories when I’m working like this, so I would go to my trailer during lunch, I would eat, I would do my 10-minute workout on the floor laying down—just whatever exercise the trainer would give me— and then I would eat the last bit of my food and go back to work.

What are your views on nutrition?

People think that eating less is better but it’s actually the other way around. It’s more food, smaller portions throughout the day of the right food. I have to eat every three hours or else I’m no good to anybody. You keep your metabolism burning and that’s how you give the fuel to your body to do what you have to do.

What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

I do proteins, and the right carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potato. I stay away from the white stuff as much as possible. I don’t deny myself, though. Once a week, I’ll have pasta. I do it not because of the aesthetics but because of the nutrition. Whole grains are just better than those that have been refined, even though they taste really good. But just like anything in life, you have to work hard for it. I can’t look the way that I look by not working hard. There’s no way. The reward of things only comes when you work hard for them.

My mom always said, “Nothing’s for free. You always have to pay for it somewhere.” And I would rather pay for it with hard work than have to pay for it with something else down the line.

You seem to just live a healthy life all around.

For me, it’s about being fit and strong. My body is at its best when I’m my strongest. So when you’re skinny and you’re not eating and you’re not working out and you starve yourself, you’re useless. For me, it’s about being capable and being consistent with my fitness. I wanna be able to go surfing whenever I want, or hiking, or play golf— I wanna do all the things that I wanna be doing in my life with the people that I love, so I have to be physically capable.

That’s my purpose of going into the gym three to four times a week. And when I don’t do that, my brain doesn’t work, it’s hard for me to keep my head together and I’m not happy. I’m happiest when I’m strong, fit, clear-minded, and I can do all the things I know I’m capable of. Even though I’m a skinny little girl, I’m strong and I love it!

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Michelle Rodriguez cover story

If I had to pick a favorite story that I’ve ever written, it would have to be this one … M-Rod is refreshingly real!

My mentor Mimi Valdés, editor-in-chief of Latina at the time, called it “the most illuminating portrait of Michelle ever.”

I was flattered. I heard Michelle appreciated it, too.


May 2009 issue

May 2009 issue


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