What the people who matter are saying about Frank Ocean’s coming out


His coming out yesterday did not go unnoticed. Frank Ocean, an R&B singer and member of the Odd Future hip-hop collective, openly discussed his bisexuality via an open letter on his Tumblr, where he describes the summer during which he met and fell in love with another man (his first true love) at 19, and subsequently had his heart broken.

The note that preceded his letter (which was actually a screengrab of a document he typed on TextEdit) explained that what he was about to post “was intended to fill the thank you’s section in my album credits, but with all the rumors going round.. i figured it’d be good to clarify.”

And that’s how the 24-year-old became “a free man” on America’s 236th Independence Day — and in doing so, made sure he will be remembered.

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¿Cómo se dice? Spanish words & phrases that have no adequate translation into English


This isn’t to put down English in any way, shape, or form. It is the language in which I express myself the best, after all. But Spanish is just more…complicated. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The whole idea for this post was born out of a conversation with a dear Brazilian friend over the word saudade. He was having major trouble explaining what it meant. But we all got it. It’s more than just nostalgia.

The notion of translation seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. Fast Company did this cute slideshow about words in other languages that they wish existed in English.

I didn’t see any Spanish words in there, so here goes our own growing list, which we hope keeps getting longer and longer — with your help!

*Note: even though there may be a literal translation, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily satisfying.

**Also, we’re saving refranes for a separate post ‘cause you know there’s plenty of those. Pasos cortos, vista larga!

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Historic Mexico issue of Latina magazine (editor)

In 2009, Mexico’s reputation had suffered greatly in the mainstream news media. With the constant reports of drug wars, violence and H1N1, you’d think it was the worst place on Earth. So I suggested we devote an entire issue to the culture, beauty and people of Mexico, showcasing its many positive contributions. The staff agreed; it was a no-brainer. It was the first time in Latina‘s history that we devoted an entire issue to a specific country/culture, and the first time we didn’t feature a celebrity on the cover. The response was incredibly positive, from the Mexican and Mexican American community, and beyond. Read more about this historic issue here.