I tried it: a wax that gives you Camila Alves brows


This season is all about thick, groomed brows – never messy, always full. But how can we get that runway-ready look at home, without the help of a pro? Enter Marco Ochoa, a Mexican and Salvadoran American from Los Angeles who began his love affair with threading at age 15. Now he’s the trusted brow expert of Camila Alves (among other celebs), so when I heard he was launching the EcoBrow Defining Wax ($24, ecobrow.com), I immediately requested a sample. Because who doesn’t want Camila’s brows?

The wax, which is mineral-based and has vitamin E, comes in four shades, each an homage to one of Marco’s favorite Hollywood screen sirens: Blonde/Marilyn, Auburn/Rita, Brunette/Penelope, and Dark Brunette/Liz. (I’m a Penelope.)


I lightly dabbed the wax using an angled brush (Marco sells his own, double-sided EcoBrow Duo Angle/Spooley Brush for $21). I didn’t overdo the dabbing because a little goes a long way. Then I applied it using short, gentle strokes in the direction of the hair. The product seemed to glide easily and wasn’t sticky, like some waxes. To finish the look, I used the spooley side to brush my brows upward and make sure the wax blended in nicely. After a few hours of running around, I noticed my brows hadn’t smeared, proving the wax’s smudge-proof claim true (it touts silica for oil absorption). And it looked very natural – unlike my college roommate who always overdid it with the pencil (bless her heart!).

There aren’t too many brow waxes on the market, and the few good ones that I do know of are not paraben-free—which is another reason I’m loving EcoBrow.

What brow products do YOU love?

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Meet Glam Belleza Latina, Glamour’s gorgeous new beauty magazine & website!


Do you remember the first time mami let you put on her makeup? I must have been around 7 or 8, and it was a very specific beauty product that I was obsessed with—the loose powder from Maja, the vintage Spanish cosmetics company. It had a flamenco dancer on the red-and-black packaging, and it smelled like roses, just like my mother. From her I learned that being “put-together” is important because it’s a projection of what’s going on inside. And it was never about looking like someone else; it was about loving yourself and then making an effort to be the best version of that—in every sense.

Fashion icon Isabel Toledo says it best in the inaugural issue of Glam Belleza LatinaGlamour‘s new beauty magazine, on select newsstands starting March 5. She said, “Discover your uniqueness—that is your very strength—and then highlight that.”

The first magazine of its kind dedicated solely to nuestra belleza, this is a celebration of Latinas’ unique beauty, a rainbow that encompasses so many different colors, textures, and shapes. How amazing is it that this is what America looks like?


But it’s more than a magazine; it’s a love story. And who better to tell the first chapter of that story than the forever-glowing Jennifer Lopez? For this first issue, Glam Belleza Latina’s editor Veronica Chambers (a proud Panamanian!) sits down for an exclusive interview with our favorite multi-hyphenate, who, at 43, has never looked or felt better. Call it La Lopez’s ultimate beauty playbook. For instance, you might be surprised to learn that J.Lo gets some of her best beauty finds at the supermarket. Who knew?! Read the full story right here.

Lopez and Toledo are in good company in this first issue. The list of super-talented contributors includes renowned yoga instructor and our natural beauty expert Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, Cuban-American designerNarciso Rodriguez, celebrity makeup artist Leslie Lopez, Emmy-winning journalist Lynda Lopez, and Today show anchor Natalie Morales. Then there are all the experts, artists, and bloggers who shared their knowledge and passion for all things beauty.

But the most important person in all of this is you, our muse and the source of our daily inspiration. Tweet us @glamlatinamag and visit us at glamlatina.com on March 11, where we’ll be bringing you the latest in celebrity beauty, hair, makeup, skin, and nails, as it relates to you and your life.

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Zoe Saldana’s makeup secrets, revealed!


Flawless. That’s the best way to describe Zoe Saldana, whether she’s eliciting double-takes on the red carpet or just running around being one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses (and getting snapped by paps wherever she goes). Vera Steimberg, a proud argentina, is not only Zoe’s trusted makeup artist but her close friend, so you know she has her best beauty interests at heart! I called Vera up to learn how to get Zoe’s look. De nada.

Keep it clean

“Zoe is very good about washing her face every morning and night,” Vera shares, “so every time I do her makeup I don’t have to do very much to prep her skin.” And why break the bank when you don’t have to? One of Zoe’s favorite cleansers is Cetaphil, available at most drugstores.

Know the story you want to tell

“Whenever I work with Zoe, we have a conversation about the overall look we’re trying to achieve and we work as a team with her hair person and her stylist. If it’s for a magazine photo shoot, she may want to be more playful or dramatic. If it’s for a red carpet, we look at the dress and make sure there’s some continuity there.” At the Oscars this year, Zoe landed on everyone’s best-dressed list, and her hair and make-up were equally responsible as her romantic Alexis Mabille gown. That night, Vera used the Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum, which hydrates thanks to its Camellia flower extract, as the base of Zoe’s look, and then built from there, using mostly Chanel products.

Be adventurous

“The great thing about her is she’s not afraid to try anything,” says Vera of her superstar friend. Zoe loves her red lips, and on the night of the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, Vera used Chanel’s Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in No. 19/Gabrielle, which is creamy in texture and provides some moisture.  Talk about a statement pout!

verasteimberg_zoeVera working her magic on Zoe the night of the Oscars. 

Fake it, baby

Vera likes to use Ardell individual lashes on Zoe: “They photograph so beautifully, you would never know she’s wearing them!” To fill in Zoe’s brows, which are on the thinner side, Vera prefers powder to pencil, which tends to look harsh. Her usual pick: Senna’s Form-a-Brow kit, which has three different shades.

Say meow!

If you watched the Star Trek remake in 2009, then you know Zoe is the queen of the cat-eye. In the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel, out May 17, we’ll be seeing more of that, thanks to Vera, who did her makeup for the movie. Her technique to achieve the perfect cat-eye is actually a layered one (more on that later). On Oscar night, she used both the Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner in black and the Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 85/Mirifique, which doubles as a shadow and liner and has a gel texture to it. “For a cat-eye, you definitely want to use a liquid liner rather than a pencil one, because it lasts longer and won’t smear,” she says. She did use a Chanel pencil liner on the lower rim of Zoe’s eyes on Oscar night (Le Crayon Khol in black): “She has such beautiful almond-shaped eyes, I wanted to contour them.”

Neutralize before you hide

“A lot of people don’t know that they need to go to the beauty counter and say they need a neutralizer in addition to a concealer, otherwise the blue will show through from under their eyes,” Vera says. If you’re like Zoe, who has yellow undertones, something with mustard or orange will cover most imperfections. Vera likes to use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-6, which is a neutralizer/concealer duo. As for foundation, she likes to use Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make-Up on Zoe, and blends shades 18/Camel and 34/Honey Beige: “It’s one of my favorites because you find the right color for pretty much everybody.”

chanel_makeup_zoe-300x226A look at the Chanel goodies Vera used on Zoe on Oscar night. 

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Eva Mendes: My style icon is my Abuelita

(L-R): Eva Mendes and her abuelita, Amada

(L-R): Eva Mendes and her abuelita, Amada

My girl Eva Mendes (aka La Dolce Evita, as I like to call her) walked the red carpet at the premiere of her new film The Place Beyond the Pines a few days ago at the Toronto International Film Festival rocking this gorgeous silk Prada turban. Minutes later, blogs A-Z started offering up how-to-wear-a-head-wrap tutorials left and right.

I was curious what inspired her to go with this look. While turbans have popped up on the runways in recent years, Eva told me she was inspired by her abuelita Amada.  Then she texted me this pic of them side-by-side. I don’t know if you can tell, but they’re wearing the same earrings. Now I see where she gets her looks!

As for me, I’m still trying to master the head wrap thing without looking crazy…

Cameron Diaz’s hot bod secret: ‘I eat every three hours’


Cameron Diaz has been looking amazing lately, so when we caught up with the Cuban actress in Miami we had to ask, how does she do it?

Your car wash scene in Bad Teacher obliterates every other car wash scene in cinematic history and we don’t blame you for flaunting your hot bod.

I didn’t even have time to work out [during the making of this film], I literally was working out 10 minutes a day in my trailer, doing what I call my horizontal workouts, which are not what you think! [Laughs]

Those sound like fun!

Yeah, but in my trailer with my gay trainer it was not like that [Laughs]. I did 10 minutes every day because I didn’t have time for longer workouts. I shot Knight and Day for six months before I started this movie and I only had two weeks off. I was tired. I was like, ‘I should’ve taken a nap before I did this movie.’ Luckily, my character gets to nap a lot. [Laughs] I’m burning so many calories when I’m working like this, so I would go to my trailer during lunch, I would eat, I would do my 10-minute workout on the floor laying down—just whatever exercise the trainer would give me— and then I would eat the last bit of my food and go back to work.

What are your views on nutrition?

People think that eating less is better but it’s actually the other way around. It’s more food, smaller portions throughout the day of the right food. I have to eat every three hours or else I’m no good to anybody. You keep your metabolism burning and that’s how you give the fuel to your body to do what you have to do.

What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

I do proteins, and the right carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potato. I stay away from the white stuff as much as possible. I don’t deny myself, though. Once a week, I’ll have pasta. I do it not because of the aesthetics but because of the nutrition. Whole grains are just better than those that have been refined, even though they taste really good. But just like anything in life, you have to work hard for it. I can’t look the way that I look by not working hard. There’s no way. The reward of things only comes when you work hard for them.

My mom always said, “Nothing’s for free. You always have to pay for it somewhere.” And I would rather pay for it with hard work than have to pay for it with something else down the line.

You seem to just live a healthy life all around.

For me, it’s about being fit and strong. My body is at its best when I’m my strongest. So when you’re skinny and you’re not eating and you’re not working out and you starve yourself, you’re useless. For me, it’s about being capable and being consistent with my fitness. I wanna be able to go surfing whenever I want, or hiking, or play golf— I wanna do all the things that I wanna be doing in my life with the people that I love, so I have to be physically capable.

That’s my purpose of going into the gym three to four times a week. And when I don’t do that, my brain doesn’t work, it’s hard for me to keep my head together and I’m not happy. I’m happiest when I’m strong, fit, clear-minded, and I can do all the things I know I’m capable of. Even though I’m a skinny little girl, I’m strong and I love it!

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Does this work? Dr. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation


For Latina.com’s “30 Days of Beauty Road Testing,” I tried a product recommended by none other than Eva Mendes. “I’m a huge Dr. Perricone fan,” Eva told me at a recent press event. “I carry his No Foundation Foundation with me everywhere. It has SPF, moisturizer, and a little tint all in one.”

So I gave it a try, because, c’mon—who doesn’t want to attempt to look like Eva! Check out my review below.

The ProductPerricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30, $50

The Claim: Keeps skin looking dewy and flawless and delivers many benefits of a traditional foundation without the heavy matte finish. Provides natural translucent coverage, corrects skin undertones, instantly smoothes fine lines and boosts skin’s natural moisture throughout the day, all while delivering antioxidant benefits. Also has a non-chemical SPF 30.

The Process:
Pump a small amount into fingertips, then apply to an already cleaned and toned face in gentle, circular motions until product is evenly distributed. Because of the SPF, it’s recommended for day use. Depending on your skin texture, you may or may not need to apply a separate moisturizer underneath. Can be used underneath your make-up or alone as moderate cover-up.

My Results:

I’ve been wearing this to work everyday as coverage for the past few weeks. I don’t even need a moisturizer and it’s great because it has a built-in SPF protection—which we all know is key. It’s perfect for the summer because it’s super light (and I have oily skin, so I opt for lighter moisturizers anyway) but it still has pigmentation to cover up minor imperfections. However, I’ve found that when I have a big, lingering zit, it doesn’t quite do the trick of hiding it entirely. In those cases, I’ve had to apply my regular foundation on top of it. It does, however give me a nice, even complexion on most days. I use it as my base and then I apply a bit of bronzer and eye make-up and voila! Not a total Eva, but a vast improvement.

Overall Score: I’m loving it. If it weren’t for the sticky texture and slight smell (I wouldn’t call it fishy but there’s a definite odor to it), I’d give it a perfect 5. But for now, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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