Jessica Alba’s makeup pro shows you how to master the cat eye


She’s the woman Jessica Alba keeps close at all times, flying her around the world–including to Paris Fashion Week, where Jessica was seen rocking some of the best hair and winged liner around. So who better than celebrity makeup artist (and Avon spokesperson) Lauren Andersen to give us tips on how to master the cat-eye? Bonus points if you get the look down in time for the highly anticipated Season 6 premiere of Mad Men on Sunday. (Andersen’s favorite era for the cat-eye is the ’60s, and I feel the same way!)

There are two basic steps to the cat eye. Once you’ve applied your shadow of choice, “Draw a thin line, starting from the inner corner of the eye, and follow it straight through to the outer corner—as opposed to following your natural eye line, which is more of a half moon,” says Andersen. “Go straight out with the line and upwards on a very slight incline.”

Once the line is done, you’re going to have some space to fill in on the outer corner, the so-called wing, which is in the shape of a tiny triangle. Andersen’s tip is to “go back and fill in the triangle, as thick or thin as you want. If you make a mistake, go ahead and let your product dry, and then go back in with a cotton swab and some makeup remover and try again.”

Finish the look with two coats of mascara. Andersen’s fave is Avon SuperExtend Infinitize Mascara ($9.50,, which has a curved rubber wand that prevents clumping.

As for which liners are best—pencil, liquid, or cream/gel—Andersen says they all serve a different purpose.

“With a pencil you’re going to have some more control over how much product is delivered,” says Andersen. “It’s easy to use but it won’t be as crisp. When you use a classic liquid liner, you’re usually going to have a really crisp eye with clean edges,” she adds. “With gel liners, I feel like I have ultimate control and a lot of precision.” She recommends going with a pencil during the day, when you want a softer look, and making the line as thin as possible. To transition into night, you can create a more dimensional look by layering liners. “For spring or summer, take like a teal or a purple and do a thick line in a traditional pencil and then put the liquid black liner over that. Make the pencil line thicker so it shows from behind the liquid liner.”

Here are Andersen’s top 3 products recommendations for the ultimate cat eye:

Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner ($7,

Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner  ($32,

Diorshow Art Pen ($30,

Finally, remember that the old adage is SO true when it comes to makeup: Practice makes perfect!

What are some of YOUR favorite liners?

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