9 beauty products Eva Mendes buys at the supermarket


See, celebs really ARE just like us: They like to shop for beauty products in between the frozen food aisle and the produce section. Even our cover star Jennifer Lopez has admitted to buying her favorite cream at the supermarket. In the case of Eva Mendes, she mostly combines her grocery and beauty product shopping out of convenience. “I absolutely hate shopping,” she confesses. “Unless it’s something for my home, I don’t like shopping, so I keep it to a minimum.”

Of course, the star of the new crime thriller The Place Beyond The Pines (out today and co-starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Ray Liotta) doesn’t shop at just any grocery store — as with the food she puts into her body, this Cuban beauty is very mindful about the beauty products she uses, so you’re more likely to find her at Whole Foods than the corner bodega.

Here are Eva’s favorite health-food-store beauty buys, so you can add them to your own shopping list:


Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover Pads ($9, drugstore.com)

“I love them,” says Eva of these fragrance-free, pre-moistened pads from the natural beauty product line. “I don’t like regular makeup removers cause a lot of them have a lot of gunk in them.”

Rosewater ($9, drugstore.com)

Eva doesn’t wash her face in the morning. “I think water, unless you’re drinking it, can be very dehydrating so sometimes I skip the washing the face part,” she says. To cleanse her skin at the start of her day, she usually just uses rosewater on a damp cloth. Best of all, “it can be totally inexpensive,” she adds.

Thayers Premium Witch Hazel ($10, thayers.com)

Depending on how her skin feels on any given morning, Eva might use witch hazel instead of rosewater.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($37, egyptianmagic.com)

“It’s really cool, you can get it at any health food store and you can use it on your eyes, your lips, anywhere,” says Eva of this uber-hydrating cream — a celebrity favorite.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick ($14, drhauschka.com)

To keep her lips moisturized in LA.’s dry climate and with her constant traveling, Eva turns to this lip balm with jojoba wax and shea butter.

Coconut Oil

Once a month, Eva will give her hair some extra love, either by using the Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle or good old-fashioned coconut oil. “You put it all over your scalp and your hair and then you tie your hair up in something that will protect your pillow and ideally sleep with it and wake up in the morning and rinse it out,” she says.

Yogurt & Rock Salt

“I like taking regular plain yogurt and rock salt and I use it as a scrub in the shower,” says Eva. “It’s such a great exfoliant!”

Epsom Salt ($7, drugstore.com)

Though she’s a big fan of Laura Mercier bath products, Eva says she’s “more into Epsom salts now” on the days she wants to treat herself to a relaxing bath.

What beauty products do YOU get at the supermarket?

This story was originally published on GlamLatina.com

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